Maps & Aerials Gallery

  Map - Section 14 Township 3 South Range 69 West
This map shows the area primarily south of Olde Town Arvada. Shown here is the junction where the Denver Tramway line split to head out to Golden and Leyden.
Dated circa 1920.
  Map - 1924 Arvada
This map shows the area constituting the Town of Arvada in 1924. In it you can see the neighborhoods of Stocke-Walter, Reno Park and Olde Town, as well as the surrounding area, and includes the names of landowners at the time.
Dated August 1924.
  Map - 1960s & 1970s Arvada
This map shows the area constituting the City of Arvada in the 1960s and 1970s. Across the map include the City boundaries as well as local landmarks, historic street paths and a variety of other interesting tidbits.
Dated circa 1966-1974.
  Map - Semper Town
This map shows the layout of the old townsite of Semper, located north of Arvada.
Dated circa 1900s.
  Aerial - Arvada Urban Renewal Area
This aerial shows the area of the Urban Renewal Area south of Olde Town Arvada prior to the redevelopments by AURA and the City of Arvada.
Dated circa 1970s-1990s.